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October 2007
"Home Free" premieres at the New Filmakers Anthology in New York City.
July/August 2007
Robbie is away at sleep away camp for his 5th summer!
May 2007
Robbie spends one week on location filming  the Independent Short Film: "The Family Rubin", playing Joshua Rubin. This film is directed by Matthew Garrett and will be premier next summer in Canada. Details to follow.
November 2006
Robbie is on set as STAND IN for Devon Gearhart for the Feature Film "FUNNY GAMES" directed by Michael Haneke. It was a fun shoot - everyone was so nice! This is going to be a great film.
October 2005
Robbie is on location in NYC filming a Spec Commercial for Nike.
April 2005
Robbie shoots the cover of a novel due out next year for Simon & Schuster Publishing. Check back for updates.
February 2005
Be sure to catch Robbie's episode of "Third Watch" on Friday 2/4/05
January 2005
Robbie is busy on the set of "Third Watch" as a Photo Double for the character 'Ben'.  You can see this episode as it airs on NBC on 2/04/05. You may catch a glimpse of Robbie running away from his on screen Dad or being dragged by him up the stairs! Check out some pictures from the set on the Pics page.
Robbie becomes a finalist in the GAP's "how do you wear it" contest. He wins a $500 GAP shopping spree! Congratulations, Robbie!
MAY 2004
Robbie spent the day at the Central Park Zoo filming a scene of "Hitch"(aka: Last First Kiss)with Will Smith. (Robbie also worked with his sister & his Mommy - so this day was lots of fun!)
Check out where you can purchase the first in a wonderful series of Science Videos! Robbie worked very hard on his experiments and would love to share them with you!
APRIL 2004
Look for Robbie's episode of "GAGSTERS!" premiering April 3, 2004 nationally on the WB network. Watch it again this summer as they will play repeats!
Robbie films an episode of "Eureka!" a pilot for The History Channel. He played the son of the famous inventor John Dunlap!
JUNE 2003
Robbie films an episode of "GAGSTERS!" - A television show popular in Singapore, France and Canada. Currently seeking U.S. distribution.
Robbie is in the studio again filming "Science with Me!" - A hands on science video currently being sold in Ireland.
Robbie is busy starring in a CCNY Grad Film called "Home Free". Robbie's sister Jessica also appears in the film.

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